Greater Faith Baptist Church Child Development Center

203 Dorchester Street

Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115


The curriculum for our center is designed to make learning intellectually and emotionally meaningful for students through every stage of development. Based on sound research and innovative teaching methods, our curriculum builds upon and reinforces knowledge and skills from grades K-2 through K-5.

MISSION: We will provide a meaningful, educational experience for every student so that they are inspired to explore, experience, and make new connections with the world around them. They will be given the structure and guidance children need to grow in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

GOAL: Greater Faith Baptist Church Child Development Center will strive to :

  1. Demonstrate Christian values
  2. Increase the students’ appetite to excel in:
    1. Reading(read/comprehend on/or above grade level
    2. Writing (write on a proficient/advance level)
    3. Math (utilize math on a daily basis
    4. Science (demonstrate a love/interest in science exploration)

VISION: Greater Faith Baptist Church Child Development Center will be the most “sort-after” school in Orangeburg, South Carolina because of its advanced and diverse curriculum. An emphasis will be placed on “science exploration”. In addition to the regular curriculum, students will be offered classes in music, art, and physical education.